FREE Agile Training for PMP Exam Students

Agile Training for the PMP Exam

I often say Agile is not a methodology. It is a mindset, a way of thinking and a way of life for those who truly are agile. Have you seen people that pretend to be Agile, but they’re something different?


We commonly encounter people who pretend to be Agile, but they’re something else. All the time, it’s that Agile in name only kind of situation where they’re doing Daily standups and maybe they’re doing Sprint Planning, and that means they’re doing Agile. However, they’re still doing all the Waterfall, traditional phased approach, and all the significant planning upfront, which really kind of defeats the purpose. Many people have this pretense. If they are still doing Waterfall, just be honest about it. Don’t call it what it’s not; don’t say it’s Agile. So many people are new to Agile. They’ve heard of Kanban but are just discovering the nuances and process of Agile.


Some folks and organizations fear the Agile terrain, which has a basic framework of Scrum. The two most basic frameworks of Agile are Scrum and Kanban. There’s really nothing to be concerned or afraid of. Let’s explore more Agile because it very well could be HUGE on your PMP Exam!