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Microsoft Project Basics Onsite



In today’s world of project management, mastery of scheduling software and ERP solutions is becoming increasingly relevant. Programs such as Microsoft Project are used not just to drive project execution but throughout all stages of a project.

This encompasses: initiating (e.g. proposals), planning (e.g. Integrated Master Plans), executing (e.g. deliverables), monitoring and controlling (e.g. Earned Value and performance reporting) and closing a project. It is imperative for project managers to strive to have at least practical knowledge of a scheduling software tool.

Our Microsoft Project Fast Track Turbo is a course designed to teach project personnel how to track and manage project activities, budget and resources; the basics of Microsoft Project from beginner level to intermediate. Our Microsoft Project Fast Track Turbo training system includes:

  • Calculation exercises within several topics including Fixed Units, Resource Loading.
  • Our Microsoft Project Fast Track Turbo instructor conducted practice test is designed to provide parcipants with hands on experience with creating and managing a schedule and ensure that participants have gleaned the key guidelines for creating and managing a schedule. The 30 minute interview test is held before the course is complete. Questions are asked and the participant answers the questions by carrying out the requested tasks.
  • Certificate of Completion – A certificate of completion is issued to participants upon completion of the course and Microsoft Project Fast Track Turbo instructor test.

Our onsite MS Project Course is an ideal method for participants who prefer to get trained quickly in a short amount of time.

Learning objectives:

Our training is designed to propel project managers above and beyond the “JFGC syndrome” (just for Gantt chart syndrome) with regard to efficiently utilizing Microsoft Project. This project information management tool can be used for much more than the occasional vague review of a Gantt Chart.

In our Microsoft project training, participants will learn:

  • Basic and intermediate functionality (see curriculum)
  • Schedule development basics and how to build a level 3 schedule.
  • Creating Reports
  • Tips, tricks and shortcuts

Upon completion of our Microsoft project training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what building a schedule entails.
  • Create a level 3 schedule with basic resource loading.
  • Demonstrate practical knowledge of important scheduling concepts.
  • Effectively manage a project using a schedule.
  • Gauge understanding by taking a final scheduling test.

2 Day curriculum (8am– 5pm with a 1 hour break and two 5 minute breaks)

  1. Scheduling Basics
  2. The Microsoft Project Environment
  3. File Management
  4. Creating a new project
  5. Opening an Existing Project
  6. Saving a Project
  7. Project Templates
  8. Activity: Creating a Project Using a Template
  9. Project Views
  10. Activity: Switching Between Views
  11. Tasks
  12. Types of tasks
  13. Tasks Entry Form
  14. New Tasks
  15. Moving Tasks
  16. Recurring Tasks
  17. Deleting Tasks
  18. Activity: Create a New Project and Work with Tasks
  19. Grouping and Subtasks (Summary Tasks)
  20. Activity: Task Grouping
  21. Linking Tasks
  22. Activity: Linking Tasks
  23. Resources
  24. Adding Resources
  25. Removing a Resource
  26. Assigning Resources
  27. Removing Resource Assignments
  28. Activity: Resource Assignments
  29. Viewing Resource Information
  30. Activity: Viewing Resource Information
  31. Viewing Project Data
  32. Effort Driven Scheduling
  33. Final scheduling test


  • Our onsite course is a great delivery method for participants who prefer the hands-on fast paced approach to learning.
  • 2 Day Course 8AM – 5PM with a 1 hour break inbetween.

Course format:

  • Onsite Training at client facility or Praizion Media offices
  • Flash (audio-visual)
  • PDF (text)

System requirements:

  • Windows PC (Windows 2000 or higher)
  • Recent Mac with Safari browser
  • Internet connectivity: reliable broadband internet connection such as cable modem, DSL or office network capable of at least 450 kbps
  • MS Internet Explorer Browser 8 or more recent
  • Disable pop-up blockers
  • Active X scripts must be enabled to watch the videos
  • Enable autorun executables (exe files)
  • Flash Reader
  • Quicktime 6.0 or higher
  • Windows Media Player 9 or 10

Click here to view sample video to ensure system compatibility

Terms of service:

  • Users MAY NOT share an online learning account or practice exam for any reason whatsoever. Sharing your username and password is strictly forbidden. Should multiple users be detected on an account, it will be closed immediately without refund.
  • Users MAY NOT lease their account to others or use their account for sub learning and instruction of others. This is strictly forbidden.
  • Ensure that your computer system is compatible with your course of study. Ensure the sample tutorial can be viewed on your system before making a purchase as no refunds will be given.
  • Users must create the final schedule themselves and it is expected to be a closed book test.

Click here to view sample video to ensure system compatibility

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