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Project Management Books

The word “Rich” in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary means having high value or quality, magnificently impressive and highly productive. To get rich in any area of life, you must LEAD yourself exceptionally well to make the right choices, decisions and actions.

You are the CEO and GM of YOU incorporated. Think about yourself as a company, a legal entity. Are you leading yourself well? In this book, learn a project manager’s keys to project management growth and how to enrich your project management career by taking it to the next level.

Also prepare yourself for your next interview with 100 though-provoking interview questions from different areas of leadership, management, soft-skills and project management.

When Mid-level and C-level management understand the value of the project manager’s role and project management, they will be in support of it. Not overnight but with time.

Only then will management be able to properly strategize, implement and sustain great project management in an organization with the help of project managers, working together as one cohesive unit.

This book gives business executives a high-level understanding of project management, guidelines on implementing a great project management framework and how to sustain it while leading their teams to project management success.

Slip it in your lap-top case, give it to a mentee, use it as a team building tool for your team. Project Management Mid-Level to C-Level can put you on the path to project success.