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Project Management for executives


Project Management for C-Level Management is a course designed to hone in on the essentials of project management from a C-level management standpoint; an overview of the PMI®, the coveted Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification credential, PMP® Exam, key project management terminologies, tools and techniques.

This course is a 360o degree view of the importance of project management to the PMO, project managers and senior management.

This course emphasizes the critical role of senior management in building a project management culture; highlighting the value of project management to the firm and the need for defined processes and procedures.

When Mid-level and C-level management understand the value of the project manager’s role and project management, they will be in support of it. Not overnight but with time.

Only then will management be able to properly strategize, implement and sustain great project management in an organization with the help of project managers, working together as one cohesive unit.

organizational project management strategies

The accompanying book for this training track gives business executives a high-level understanding of project management, guidelines on implementing a great project management framework and how to sustain it while leading their teams to project management success.

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