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Coding for PMs Curriculum

This curriculum is designed to equip Project Managers (PMs) with the foundational knowledge of coding and how it applies to AI, while also demystifying virtual machines.


MONTH 1: Conquering Your Fear of Technology


Understand the benefits of basic coding knowledge for PMs.

Identify common anxieties around technology and strategies to overcome them.


Introduction to coding concepts (variables, data types, loops, functions)

Benefits of PMs understanding code (communication with developers, project estimation)

Strategies for overcoming fear of technology (growth mindset, starting small)


MONTH 2: Python for AI Models


Understand why Python is popular for AI development.

Learn basic Python syntax and write simple scripts.


Introduction to Python as a programming language

Setting up a Python development environment (installing Python and Visual Studio Code)

Basic Python programming concepts (variables, data types, operators, control flow)

Simple Python scripts for data manipulation (lists, dictionaries)


MONTH 3: Advanced Concepts in AI for Project Managers


Differentiate between open-source and closed-source AI.

Understand the implications of each type for project management.


Introduction to open-source vs. closed-source AI:

Open-source AI: Benefits (transparency, customization), challenges (maintenance)

Closed-source AI: Benefits (ease of use, support), challenges (vendor lock-in)

Considerations for PMs when choosing AI solutions (cost, licensing, development needs)


MONTH 4: The Mystery of Virtual Machines


Understand the concept and benefits of virtual machines.

Learn how to install Windows 11 Pro on a virtual machine (using a tool like Hyper-V).


Introduction to virtual machines (VMs): Simulating a computer within a computer

Benefits of using VMs (testing software, isolated environments)

Setting up a VM with Hyper-V (optional, consider alternative tools based on needs)

Installing Windows 11 Pro on a virtual machine (focusing on high-level steps)


MONTH 5: Scheduling for PMs


Learn effective scheduling techniques for project management.

Utilize tools and strategies to manage project timelines.



Project scheduling methodologies (e.g., Agile, Waterfall)

Tools for project scheduling (e.g., Gantt charts, project management software)

Techniques for estimating tasks and creating realistic timelines

Managing project scope creep and schedule changes


Additional Notes

Consider incorporating interactive exercises, coding challenges, and case studies relevant to AI and project management.

For courses on Python and setting up VMs, direct students to relevant online resources ([YouTube] tutorials, official documentation) instead of in-depth lectures.

Encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing among PMs in the course.


Coding for PMs Curriculum with Monthly Deliverables

This curriculum builds upon the previous structure and adds deliverables for each month-long course.


Course 1: Conquering Your Fear of Technology (Month 1)

Deliverable: Create a presentation outlining the benefits of basic coding knowledge for PMs and strategies to overcome fear of technology. This presentation could be targeted towards other PMs or stakeholders unfamiliar with coding.


Course 2: Python for AI Models (Month 2)

Week 1 Deliverable: Install Python and Visual Studio Code on your computer. Write a short Python script to greet the user by name and ask their favorite color.

Week 2 Deliverable: Write a Python script that calculates the area and perimeter of a rectangle based on user input (length and width).

Week 3 Deliverable: Write a Python script that creates a simple shopping list application. Allow users to add items, remove items, and view their list.

Week 4 Deliverable: Find a real-world example of an AI model used in project management and write a short report summarizing its function and benefits.


Course 3: Advanced Concepts in AI for Project Managers (Month 3)

Deliverable: Research and compare two open-source and two closed-source AI solutions relevant to project management. Create a table comparing their features, benefits, challenges, and licensing costs.

Deliverable (Optional): Choose one of the AI solutions you researched and develop a high-level project plan outlining the steps involved in implementing it for a specific project.


Course 4: The Mystery of Virtual Machines (Month 4)

Deliverable: Install a virtual machine software (e.g., VirtualBox, Hyper-V) on your computer. Set up a virtual machine with a different operating system (e.g., Linux) and explore its basic functionalities. Write a short report explaining the process and the benefits of using a virtual machine in your role as a PM.

Optional Deliverable: Install and test a simple software application (relevant to project management) on your virtual machine.


Course 5: Scheduling for PMs (Month 5)

Deliverable: Choose a project management methodology (e.g., Agile, Waterfall) and create a sample project schedule using a Gantt chart or project management software.

Deliverable: Research and compare two popular project management scheduling tools. Write a report outlining their features, ease of use, and suitability for different project types.

Additional Notes:

Encourage students to share their deliverables with the class for peer review and discussion.

Consider incorporating real-world project scenarios into the deliverables for increased relevance.

Adapt the difficulty and scope of deliverables based on the experience level of the PMs in the course.


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We have hundreds of satisfied students!

Phill Akinwale is a great motivational trainer. His very personable and caring manner puts students at ease instantly. He truly cares for all of his students. He has brilliant knowledge of the PMBOK.

My preparation for the PMP test focused 100% Phill’s books, test prep materials and notes from his class. His intensive “boot camp” gave me the edge I needed to pass the test on the first attempt. As a Marine Colonel, I have been through hundreds of training classes- Phill is a cut above. I would seek him out for his outstanding training. He has the professional standards of a Marine!

Jay Krail Col. USMC (RET)
PMP Certified

Phill’s PMP course contains everything you need to pass the test, but Phill makes it come alive in his presentations. He has very deep knowledge about the subject, and a way of getting it across that draws you in and keeps you excited about it.

He teaches you to “think like PMI”. He is personally interested in each of his students, and provides mentoring that goes beyond the course work.

Rick Byrnes

Phill led our on-line PMP sessions and mentored candidates after the live training completed. I quickly appreciated his expertise and passion for Project Management and his willingness to help everyone with any question or concern. Phill was always willing to delve into a subject after class and explain any aspect of Project Management in whatever detail was needed for the students’ understanding.

After successfully passing the PMP, I can now enthusiastically report, Phill and Praizion Media are “on-track” with their excellent materials, preparation and personal attention to students. I learned something new and valuable in every session as well as being able to test my knowledge on the spot. In particular, I appreciated Phill’s willingness to answer questions out of class either on the phone or through email. He is a professional who truly cares about his profession as well as the students under his care – an unbeatable combination!

Javier de Carlos

Phill not only conducted an excellent course to prepare me for the PMP exam, but his enthusiasm and expertise of the subject matter were truly an inspiration.

He is passionate about the subject matter, and it shows in the course he has put together, and the continued support he gives after the class has finished. Both Phill and his course are a class act, and I would recommend both without hesitation.

Sonja Rowell
Founder & CEO

Phill and his company constructed an excellent, comprehensive training program that prepared me for the PMP exam. The training program included audio and video presentations, online tests, and many preparation tools, as well as an intense week-long classroom training class.

He is very enthusiastic and is an expert on the subject. Phill is an excellent teacher and relates well to the people he is training. I would sincerely recommend Phill and his company for anyone wishing to complete the PMP exam.

Ginny Pierce

Phill was my instuctor for my 35 hour PMP classroom training but his support, availability and keeping us accountable to our studies went way beyond the classroom. I passed the exam on November 18, 2010 on my first try because of Phill and his support. Phill’s classes and mock quizzes/exams were not easy because he knew to push us to be sure we were prepared for the rigors for the exam.

Phil provided us with an extensive amount of tools and techniques to help us study as well as coordinated Saturday webinars that allowed us to personally ask questions, review material and learn from others who had passed the exam. I do not believe I would have passed on my first try without Phill’s instruction, involvement and dedication. Thank you Phill for your continued support and eagerness to see us succeed even after the class was over

Leigh Richardson

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