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THIS 2-MONTH 5-hour PROGRAM KICKS OFF SOON (DATES June 22nd and July 20th)




June 22nd and July 20th followed By 10 Hours On-Demand Training





Course Title: Mastering Success 

A 2-Month Program Inspired by John Maxwell’s “How to Be a REAL Success”

Course Overview: This 4-month curriculum is a comprehensive journey through John Maxwell’s “How to Be a REAL Success,” tailored for project managers. Participants will delve into the principles of Relationships, Equipping, Attitude, and Leadership over 10 engaging sessions. Each month focuses on one aspect of success, offering a blend of teachings, discussions, and practical exercises.

Month 1: Relationships – 1.25 Hour 

PART 1: The Power of Relationships

Understanding the impact of relationships in project management

Building effective communication strategies

Developing active listening skills

PART2: Building Trust and Credibility

Exploring the importance of trust in project teams

Strategies for establishing and maintaining credibility

Overcoming challenges in building trust

PART3: Collaboration and Team Dynamics

Fostering a collaborative project environment

Strategies for effective teamwork

Managing conflict and promoting team cohesion

Month 1: Equipping – 1.25 HOUR

PART1: Personal Development

The role of continuous learning in professional growth

Developing a personal growth plan

Identifying and leveraging strengths

PART2: Empowering Others

The art of delegation in project management

Mentoring and coaching team members

Creating a culture of empowerment in your team

PART 3: Skill Development and Training

Assessing and addressing skill gaps in your team

Designing effective training programs

Strategies for ongoing skill development

Month 2: Attitude – 1.25 HOUR

PART 1: The Power of a Positive Attitude

Understanding the impact of attitude on project success

Strategies for maintaining a positive mindset

Overcoming challenges with optimism

PART 2: Adapting to Change

Embracing change in project environments

Strategies for leading teams through change

Building resilience in the face of challenges

PART 3: Managing Stress and Balancing Work-Life

Identifying and managing stress in project management

Strategies for achieving a healthy work-life balance

Maintaining well-being in high-pressure environments

Month 2: Leadership – 1.25 HOUR

PART 1: The Essence of Leadership

Defining leadership in the context of project management

Developing your unique leadership style

Balancing authority and collaboration

PART 2: Leading High-Performance Teams

Strategies for creating and leading high-performance teams

Motivating and inspiring team members

Evaluating and celebrating team success

PART 3: Visionary Leadership and Continuous Improvement

Developing a clear project vision

Strategies for continuous improvement in project management

Setting and achieving long-term project goals

Throughout the program, participants will receive a comprehensive PDF workbook and access to a 10-hour online course, “Life After the PMP Exam,” providing additional insights and practical tips for post-exam success.

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🌟 Kickstart Your Leadership Journey in 2024! 🌟

Join us for an exclusive Leadership Workshop series, designed specifically for Project Managers, PMPs, and business professionals. Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or steering your own enterprise, this workshop is your gateway to success.

📅 Mark Your Calendars:

  • First Saturday of Every Month 
  • Venue: Online via Zoom visit LEADERSHIPAVENUE.COM for more information.

🚀 What’s In Store?

  • In-Depth Leadership Training: Tailored for Success in Project Management and Business Leadership.
  • Open for All: Regardless of your job status or career phase.
  • Lifetime Access: Exclusive entry to “My Life After the PMP Exam” program, with perpetual access to session videos.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry peers and mentors.
  • Expert Coaching & Career Advice: Propel your professional growth.
  • Advanced Learning: Based on SOLID, tested, and tried principles from John C. Maxwell, renowned mentor and coach.
  • Legacy of Excellence: Embracing the curriculum and insights that powered the Project Leadership Institute, founded by Phil.

💼 Elevate Your Career:

  • Perfect for PMP certified project managers and ambitious professionals.
  • Learn, apply, and lead with confidence.

📚 Powered by a Decade of Expertise:

  • Embrace the wisdom and principles taught by Phil, drawing from John Maxwell’s impactful teachings.

🔗 Secure Your Spot:

Embark on a journey of leadership excellence. See you at the top! 🚀🌟

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We're proud to serve from small to some of the biggest companies in America

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We have hundreds of satisfied students!

Phill Akinwale is a great motivational trainer. His very personable and caring manner puts students at ease instantly. He truly cares for all of his students. He has brilliant knowledge of the PMBOK.

My preparation for the PMP test focused 100% Phill’s books, test prep materials and notes from his class. His intensive “boot camp” gave me the edge I needed to pass the test on the first attempt. As a Marine Colonel, I have been through hundreds of training classes- Phill is a cut above. I would seek him out for his outstanding training. He has the professional standards of a Marine!

Jay Krail Col. USMC (RET)
PMP Certified

Phill’s PMP course contains everything you need to pass the test, but Phill makes it come alive in his presentations. He has very deep knowledge about the subject, and a way of getting it across that draws you in and keeps you excited about it.

He teaches you to “think like PMI”. He is personally interested in each of his students, and provides mentoring that goes beyond the course work.

Rick Byrnes

Phill led our on-line PMP sessions and mentored candidates after the live training completed. I quickly appreciated his expertise and passion for Project Management and his willingness to help everyone with any question or concern. Phill was always willing to delve into a subject after class and explain any aspect of Project Management in whatever detail was needed for the students’ understanding.

After successfully passing the PMP, I can now enthusiastically report, Phill and Praizion Media are “on-track” with their excellent materials, preparation and personal attention to students. I learned something new and valuable in every session as well as being able to test my knowledge on the spot. In particular, I appreciated Phill’s willingness to answer questions out of class either on the phone or through email. He is a professional who truly cares about his profession as well as the students under his care – an unbeatable combination!

Javier de Carlos

Phill not only conducted an excellent course to prepare me for the PMP exam, but his enthusiasm and expertise of the subject matter were truly an inspiration.

He is passionate about the subject matter, and it shows in the course he has put together, and the continued support he gives after the class has finished. Both Phill and his course are a class act, and I would recommend both without hesitation.

Sonja Rowell
Founder & CEO

Phill and his company constructed an excellent, comprehensive training program that prepared me for the PMP exam. The training program included audio and video presentations, online tests, and many preparation tools, as well as an intense week-long classroom training class.

He is very enthusiastic and is an expert on the subject. Phill is an excellent teacher and relates well to the people he is training. I would sincerely recommend Phill and his company for anyone wishing to complete the PMP exam.

Ginny Pierce

Phill was my instuctor for my 35 hour PMP classroom training but his support, availability and keeping us accountable to our studies went way beyond the classroom. I passed the exam on November 18, 2010 on my first try because of Phill and his support. Phill’s classes and mock quizzes/exams were not easy because he knew to push us to be sure we were prepared for the rigors for the exam.

Phil provided us with an extensive amount of tools and techniques to help us study as well as coordinated Saturday webinars that allowed us to personally ask questions, review material and learn from others who had passed the exam. I do not believe I would have passed on my first try without Phill’s instruction, involvement and dedication. Thank you Phill for your continued support and eagerness to see us succeed even after the class was over

Leigh Richardson

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