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Dealing With People You Can't Stand Seminar


dealing With People You Can't Stand! A 3 Hour Seminar on
August 6th From 2PM EST to 5PM EST
Recording Available to You for 6 Months on-Demand After the Event

Difficult people are everywhere. From bullying bosses who demand that employees scurry to meet their needs … to friends whose favorite pastime is complaining. From spouses who shut down when you try to connect … to coworkers who seem set on sabotaging your work. From parents who zing you with their “helpful” observations about what’s wrong in your life … to children who sullenly grunt one-word responses to your questions.

You have two choices when dealing with difficult people. Let their behavior drive you nuts – or learn how to deal with difficult people. 

This 3 hour seminar, Dealing with People You Can’t Stand, based on the bestselling book by Dr. Rick Brinkman and Dr. Rick Kirschner, delivers the proven strategies and easy-to-use action steps to cope with the difficult people in your life and projects!

Published in 20 languages, Dealing with People You Can’t Stand has helped millions of people worldwide deal with difficult people.


About Dr. Rick

Dealing with People You Can’t Stand Co-Author Dr. Rick Brinkman is one of today’s leading experts in effective communications. Through his popular books, videos, speeches and seminars, he has taught millions of people worldwide how to his use innovative and highly effective Conscious Communication ® strategies to deal with difficult people and create more harmonious, productive relationships. 

Seminar Speaker: Dr. Rick Brinkman


How You’ll Benefit:

  • Recognize difficult people for who they truly are: people you care for … who are behaving in a difficult, annoying way
  • Spot the 10 most common difficult behaviors: Tank Attacks, Snipers, Grenades (tantrums), Know it alls, Think-they-know-it-alls, Negativity, Whining, Yes, Maybe, and Nothing people.
  • Understand why difficult people act the way they do
  • Turn conflict into cooperation
  • Adjust your communication so difficult people understand what you’re saying … rather than getting defensive
  • Identify which communication tactic will be most effective when dealing with difficult people (hint: it depends on which behavior they’re showing)
  • Adjust how you communicate via phone or email so you don’t trigger difficult people
  • Bolster your courage when dealing with difficult people
  • Cultivate new conflict-resolution skills to use in every area of your life
  • Enjoy greater confidence when dealing with difficult people
  • Experience less stress and more harmony in all relationships

“Dr. Brinkman’s dynamic, high energy and humorous presentation kept us interested and eager to learn more. We are very particular about the quality of presenters we bring into the company. They have to be top notch. Dr. Brinkman hit a home run!”

— John Sigg, Manager of Training, Federated Investors

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