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40 days to pMP® exam success
blended Training


caution: this course has massive hidden value & un-announced pmp training seminars!
1 VIDEO, ASSIGNMENTS & 1 QUIZ DAILY + 1PM LIVE Q&A MENTORING WEBINARS – 1 HR WEDS  & 2 HRS SATURDAYS GREAT VALUE: Students Will Have 90 Days Of Access To This System! Students Will Receive 20 Hour Audio CD Set, 90+ Hours Of Recorded Video & Live Instruction! comparable courses cost almost $2,000! sign up now! – ACCESS FOR 3 MONTHS!

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1 hour on-demand instruction and assignments Daily! Access 


First presented in 2011, this curriculum has helped scores of project managers ace the PMP Exam!
DAY ITEM (Expected Duration: 2-3 Hours Per Day)
DAY 1PMP Exam Tech-Camp (Chapters 1)
DAY 2PMP Exam Tech-Camp (Chapters 2)
DAY 3PMP Exam Tech-Camp (Chapters 3)
DAY 4PMP Exam Prep Camp (Intro to the PMBOK Guide & Integration P1 & P2)
DAY 5PMP Exam Prep Camp   (Integration P3 & P4)
DAY 6PMP Exam Prep Camp   (Integration P5 & P6)
DAY 7PMP Exam Prep Camp   (Integration P7)
DAY 8PMP Exam Prep Camp   (Scope P1)
DAY 9PMP Exam Prep Camp  1 (Scope P2 & P3)
DAY 10PMP Exam Prep Camp  1 (Scope P4 & P5)
DAY 11PMP Exam Prep Camp (Scope P6)
DAY 12PMP Exam Prep Camp (Schedule P1)
DAY 13PMP Exam Prep Camp (Schedule P2 & P3)
DAY 14PMP Exam Prep Camp (P4 & P5)
DAY 15PMP Exam Prep Camp (Schedule P6, Scenario)
DAY 16PMP Exam Prep Camp (Cost P1)
DAY 17PMP Exam Prep Camp (Cost P2 and P3 & Scenario)
DAY 18PMP Exam Prep Camp   (Cost P4 – Earned Value Basics)
DAY 19PMP Exam Prep Camp   (Quality P1)
DAY 20PMP Exam Prep Camp   (Quality P2 & P3)
DAY 21PMP Exam Prep Camp   (Resource P1 & P2)
DAY 22PMP Exam Prep Camp   (Resources P3 & P4)
DAY 23PMP Exam Prep Camp   (Resource P5 & P6)
DAY 24PMP Exam Prep Camp   (Communications P1 & 2)
DAY 25PMP Exam Prep Camp   (Communications P3)
DAY 26PMP Exam Prep Camp (Risk P1)
DAY 27PMP Exam Prep Camp  (Risk P2 & P3)
DAY 28PMP Exam Prep Camp   (Risk P4 & P5)
DAY 29PMP Exam Prep Camp (Risk P6 & P7)
DAY 30PMP Exam Prep Camp (Procurement P1 & P2)
DAY 31PMP Exam Prep Camp (Procurement P3)
DAY 32PMP Exam Prep Camp (Stakeholder P1)
DAY 33PMP Exam Prep Camp (Stakeholder P2 & P3)
DAY 34PMP Exam Prep Camp   – (Stakeholder P4)
DAY 35PMP Exam Prep Camp   – (Professional Responsibility)
DAY 36 Agile for Practitioners (PMP & CAPM Students)
DAY 37  Agile for Practitioners (PMP & CAPM Students)
DAY 38Answering Situational PMP Exam Questions 1
DAY 39Answering Situational PMP Exam Questions 2



These meetings address student questions regarding the exam content, lessons learned from recent graduates,  mentoring and coaching through rapid reviews of core concepts and problems. Additional ad-hoc meetings are sometimes scheduled as a bonus for current students.


As the new PMP exam transition begins, additional robust training opportunities will be scheduled (at no additional cost) from late November/December time-frame to encourage students to get certified before the changes.

MEETING 0 1 MONDAY (PMP Exam Philosophy, 49 Process Dive & KICK-OFF) 1 HOUR Monday, November 16th (1PM EST)
MEETING 1 2 WEDNESDAY Q&A 1 HOUR Wednesday, November 18, 2020
MEETING 2 3 SATURDAY Q&A 2 HOURS Saturday, November 21, 2020
MEETING 3 4 WEDNESDAY Q&A 1 HOUR Wednesday, November 25, 2020
MEETING 4 5 SATURDAY Q&A 2 HOURS Saturday, November 28, 2020
MEETING 5 7 WEDNESDAY Q&A 1 HOUR Wednesday, December 2, 2020
MEETING 6 9 SATURDAY Q&A 2 HOURS Saturday, December 5, 2020
MEETING 7 10 WEDNESDAY Q&A 1 HOUR Wednesday, December 9, 2020
MEETING 8 11 SATURDAY Q&A 2 HOURS Saturday, December 12, 2020
MEETING 9 12 WEDNESDAY Q&A 1 HOUR Wednesday, December 16, 2020
MEETING 10 15 SATURDAY Q&A 2 HOURS Saturday, December 19, 2020
MEETING 11 16 WEDNESDAY Q&A 1 HOUR Wednesday, December 23, 2020
MEETING 12 17 SATURDAY Q&A 2 HOURS Saturday, December 26, 2020


We're proud to serve from small to some of the biggest companies in America

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We have hundreds of satisfied students!

Phill Akinwale is a great motivational trainer. His very personable and caring manner puts students at ease instantly. He truly cares for all of his students. He has brilliant knowledge of the PMBOK.

My preparation for the PMP test focused 100% Phill’s books, test prep materials and notes from his class. His intensive “boot camp” gave me the edge I needed to pass the test on the first attempt. As a Marine Colonel, I have been through hundreds of training classes- Phill is a cut above. I would seek him out for his outstanding training. He has the professional standards of a Marine!

Jay Krail Col. USMC (RET)
PMP Certified

Phill’s PMP course contains everything you need to pass the test, but Phill makes it come alive in his presentations. He has very deep knowledge about the subject, and a way of getting it across that draws you in and keeps you excited about it.

He teaches you to “think like PMI”. He is personally interested in each of his students, and provides mentoring that goes beyond the course work.

Rick Byrnes

Phill led our on-line PMP sessions and mentored candidates after the live training completed. I quickly appreciated his expertise and passion for Project Management and his willingness to help everyone with any question or concern. Phill was always willing to delve into a subject after class and explain any aspect of Project Management in whatever detail was needed for the students’ understanding.

After successfully passing the PMP, I can now enthusiastically report, Phill and Praizion Media are “on-track” with their excellent materials, preparation and personal attention to students. I learned something new and valuable in every session as well as being able to test my knowledge on the spot. In particular, I appreciated Phill’s willingness to answer questions out of class either on the phone or through email. He is a professional who truly cares about his profession as well as the students under his care – an unbeatable combination!

Javier de Carlos

Phill not only conducted an excellent course to prepare me for the PMP exam, but his enthusiasm and expertise of the subject matter were truly an inspiration.

He is passionate about the subject matter, and it shows in the course he has put together, and the continued support he gives after the class has finished. Both Phill and his course are a class act, and I would recommend both without hesitation.

Sonja Rowell
Founder & CEO

Phill and his company constructed an excellent, comprehensive training program that prepared me for the PMP exam. The training program included audio and video presentations, online tests, and many preparation tools, as well as an intense week-long classroom training class.

He is very enthusiastic and is an expert on the subject. Phill is an excellent teacher and relates well to the people he is training. I would sincerely recommend Phill and his company for anyone wishing to complete the PMP exam.

Ginny Pierce

Phill was my instuctor for my 35 hour PMP classroom training but his support, availability and keeping us accountable to our studies went way beyond the classroom. I passed the exam on November 18, 2010 on my first try because of Phill and his support. Phill’s classes and mock quizzes/exams were not easy because he knew to push us to be sure we were prepared for the rigors for the exam.

Phil provided us with an extensive amount of tools and techniques to help us study as well as coordinated Saturday webinars that allowed us to personally ask questions, review material and learn from others who had passed the exam. I do not believe I would have passed on my first try without Phill’s instruction, involvement and dedication. Thank you Phill for your continued support and eagerness to see us succeed even after the class was over

Leigh Richardson

Get Trained and Pass The PMP® Exam

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